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Thursday, 7 March, 2019 - 4:46 pm


Some random thoughts relating to the building of the Mishkan (Sanctuary) in the desert that we read about in Parshat Pekudei, and the lead up to the rebuilding of the third Temple by Moshiach.

I recently noticed a feature on my phone that tells me every Sunday how much time I spent on the phone.  This week I took another look, and saw that there are a lot of statistics in addition to the total average screen time per day.  It shows how much time I spent on networking, on reading and reference, etc., and then tells me how much time I spent on each app.  Also how many times I picked up the phone, which day I picked it up the most, and what the first uses were when I picked it up.  I suppose that somewhere out there “above” in the cloud there is more detailed data, recording every detail of every action. 

A few thousand years ago, the Mishna wrote (Pirkei Avot 2:1):  “Know what is above you; an eye that sees, an ear that hears, and all your actions are written in a book.”  One of the things that will change when Moshiach will come is that all secrets will be revealed.  The Divine life-force of the world that is now hidden from us will be revealed, the physical will no longer hide the spiritual but will reveal it.  I remember many years ago hearing the Rebbe talk about the time before Moshiach comes as a time when there will be no secrets and everything will be revealed.  This is based on the prophecies at the end of the book of Daniel, that at “the end of time” everything will be clarified and revealed.  The Rebbe said this many decades ago, and at that time we had no idea how far this would go. 

My mother told me that when she was a little kid she read a story in a book that had been written many years before that about a great sage who lived about 250 years ago, known as the Shpoler Zeide, the sage (literally grandfather) of Shpole.  In the story at some point, the sage had a woman look in a mirror, and she saw a scene unfold that he told her was from her husband’s past life.  (Reincarnation, another whole discussion.)  She was shocked, and he told her that before Moshiach comes, there will come a time when people will do something and it will be instantly seen on the other side of the world.  Modern technology has brought us to a place that we are seeing the age old prophecies about the time right before Moshiach, that used to seem like fantastic science fiction, come to life.  The same is true of science.  Recent scientific discoveries have been falling closer and closer in line with what is written in Torah and Kabbalah. 

So it’s not surprising that in this time of no secrets and of revelations of that which is hidden, our smartphones will corroborate with what the Mishna wrote, and remind us of the true “above”, where in fact we are accountable for everything we do.  Now the question is what are we doing about it?

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