Our Mission:

To provide Bay Area children access to a variety of quality Jewish books, cd's and dvd's. Our goal is to unite the community through literature and arts and our common Jewish culture.  


About Yossi

Yossi's Library is established in memory of a Yossi Kreiman taken from us at the young age of 23 years. Yossi was known for spreading joy and smiles with his quick wit. He was a diligent learner who accummulated an impressive library of Jewish books. Yossi didn't just collect books, he read and learned books. His interests were focused on Torah and Judaism; understanding how to practice Judaism, delving into all it's interpretations and the Torah view on science, space and the great world around us. 

 Yossi's Library is a place for young children and their families to find the joy of reading, learning and culture and carry Yossi's legacy of love for knowledge.