Scholarship requests:


   Now accepting applications for 2019-20 School Year and Camp Gan Izzy 2019

Gan Torah Preschool offers scholarship discounts to families who are unable to pay full tuition. This Tzedaka fund is sponsored by generous people in the community. Please consider your needs very carefully when applying for a scholarship.

All scholarships are handled in a sensitive manner, with absolute confidentiality.

The following is important information regarding the scholarship process:

  • Deadline. The Final deadline for scholarship applications is May 1st, 2019. Applications received late may not be accepted.  No exceptions will be made.
  • Discounts. No other discounts are allotted to scholarship recipients. Scholarship awards supersede and disqualify all other discounts.
  • Tax Returns. All Scholarship applications must include a copy of your 2018 tax returns. If you do not have your 2018 returns please contact our office.
  • Additional Information. You may be required to provide additional information including a list of assets such as Real Estate, Bank Accounts, Stocks and Bonds, Vehicles etc.

Scholarship Application Process:
Please follow this guide carefully to ensure that your application is processed.

  1. Complete  a Gan Torah Preschool Registration form. Registration form is available  here
  2. Complete the Gan Torah Preschool Scholarship application. Application is available here  Due May 1, 2019
  3. Submit your 2018 tax returns. Tax returns can be faxed to (650) 493-3425 with “GT Scholarship Committee – Confidential” as a header/cover. You can also submit this information by email ( or deliver directly to our office. If you do not have your 2018 returns please contact our office.
  4. Scholarship committee reviews applications. The committee meets in mid May to review the applications and will award scholarships based on each individual case and the limitations of the scholarship fund.
  5. Receive notification of Scholarship decisions. Following the decision of the scholarship committee, you will be notified in the form of a letter of the decision. You must respond to our office in order to accept the scholarship.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Start your application now!

Contribute to the Fund:


By contributing to the Gan Torah Preschool Scholarship Fund you are enabling a needy family to enjoy a Jewish learning experience that will last a lifetime.  We appreciate your generosity. To contribute to the fund please  click here.


Support for our scholarships comes from generous donors, Chabad of Greater South Bay Education Fund and the JCF

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